Shelter for homeless

For anyone in need of a place to stay


Designers: Arash G Tehrani, Ghazaal La’li

Status: Proposal

Date: June, 2017

Type: Product

Material: Polypropylene Cardboard – Carton – Recycled Cardboard





In Persian, the term “Homeless” is called “Carton Khaab” in daily usage, meaning the one who sleeps in a Carton Box. As could be seen these people use this material for easy access, cheap price, warm and soft surface, even it is retrieved from garbage cans. We all know for sure that not all the homeless people are drug abusers, criminals, or psychos; we know a lot of them with a great personality only in need of help. And also we all know that the subject of homelessness is not regional, it’s global, from eastern Asia to Europe, and western America we all have people in need, so why don’t we do something as our own part?

We could see that these people fold or reform the cardboard to make themselves a shelter from cold, warmth, hot sunshine, rain or even the look of the passerby, which the behavior became of the inspirations to make a more efficient carton shelter. These sights are shocking and moving enough when you see a kid lying on dirt and circled to avoid the chill. We also have seen people leave inside empty graves to take shelter from the cold. There are all sort of shelter designs from all over the world in magazines and the internet, but honestly loads of them are too expensive or too hard to make for the people in an urgent need.

The designers looked for the easiest, cheapest, and fastest design to provide temporary shelter for homeless people. It is made of a cheap recycled carton or Polypropylene Cardboard so it would be waterproof and lasts longer. The easy and understandable design makes it easy to build in high amount, or personally for individual use. Even though the modular design makes it easy to assemble, and in a short time, but it could be redesigned by the user by their need or taste.

The Shelter contains a light pack of modular cardboards, folded in 100*50*10 cm dimensions, which could be carried easily like a backpack or a briefcase, with its blanket holder. When it’s assembled it turns into a 200*150*100 cm shelter that is suitable for a comfortable single usage or a cozy couple shelter. It has some multipurpose parts to optimize the design, such as two windows that work with simple detail and turns into a ledge or a tiny desk to hold a mug or a meal, which this ledge could be provided in at least 4 ways.  



In Persian, phrase Carton-Khaab means the one who sleeps in a Carton Box, but why they couldn’t have a sufficient one? We all know that this people suffer from serious situation, which one important one is a shelter from cold, warmth or a passerby look. This project suggests a modular light, affordable shelter, made from recycled material, which could be packed and carried like a backpack, and when it’s assembled it would be a cozy shelter for comfortable single or a cozy couple people. It provides some window and a tiny ledge to hold a meal or a mug, and to retrieve fresh air with simple details of a cardboard, and could be reformed by need.